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ZIP Code

Added Ability to enrich ZIP Code and push it to Marketing Automation tools

Custom Audience 


Experiment table new columns, filters, and sorting 

We added additional columns to the Experiment table: CPL, Clicks, Impressions and Last Conversion Date and made all numeric columns sortable.

You can also filter experiments by Channels, Campaign Goal, and Offer Type. 


Campaign Tagging

Now you have an ability to add tags to each Campaign and then filter Campaigns and Experiments by tags. 

Please, note that you can edit tags for Campaigns in any status, including "Launched" or "Completed".

Campaign Pacing Visualization

We added a visualization for the pacing indicators at the campaign level.

The Leg means expected spent based on Total Campaign Budget and Duration. The Colored section means Actual Spent. 

Colors meaning is the following:

  • Green - the pacing is good (actual spent is within 10% threshold of expected)
  • Yellow - the pacing is still acceptable but needs attention (the actual spent is within 11%-30% threshold of expected)
  • Red - the pacing needs adjustments and it's easy overspent or underspent (the actual spent is more than 31% threshold of expected) 

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Export Experiment Table

Now you can export all your experiments data in CSV format for further analysis and insights. 

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Updated Design for Weekly Digest and Fixed Issues

We updated UI of our weekly digest to make it clear which numbers are lifetime total and which are "last 7 days". We also fixed the CPL calculation.

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Custom Audience Improvements 

We enable uploading CSV files with up to 10K accounts. We further improved performance and size validation of custom audiences. 

Currently an upper limit for any type of custom audience is 1 million. The rest of the contacts will be dropped. 

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Form Validations

Improved We improved the usability of showing validation errors in all forms. Now you can see the validation note right next to the field and can correct it before even clicking the Save button

Added More Fields to Export Leads 

10+ Improvements and Fixes

  • We added missing fields to the Leads Export file. 
  • Leads table now has the Zip column and you can push ZIP field to the Marketing Automation tools
  • Replace Opportunity ID with Name and updated the date formats for consistency
  • and many others