2020 - 04 - APRIL - RELEASE






Audiences from Salesforce Reports

Now you can build your audience by creating Salesforce Reports by multiple criteria from Account and Opportunities objects.


Ads in Library

We added the ability to save Ads in the Library and re-use them in multiple campaigns. In the campaign wizard, you have a choice to choose an existing Ad from the Library or create a new one.



Increased Audience Size Max Limit

We have increased the maximum size limit of Custom Audiences contacts from 1 Million to 1.5 Million, and the maximum size limit for uploaded ABM lists from 10K to 30K.



Experiment Table and Report Updates

Now the Report “Performance by Experiments” has additional filters, including Date Filter (From-To), Ad Format (Video, Image), Channel, and Offer Type. We also added the MQL Rate column and summary.
We also made numerous updates for the Experiment table, including better performance and new data related to campaign optimization.





Marketing Automation Tools Integration Updates

We completed major optimizations for the Marketing Automation Tools integrations. Now you can receive an email notification in case of an accidental or manual disconnect of your Marketing Automation Tool. We also enabled preventive validations for field mapping and the ability to view and edit mapping without re-authentication.



Filter Technology Audience by Industry

Now you can filter Technology Custom Audience by Industry.


20+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • Generated ABM is now clickable in Custom Audience Preview

  • Duplicate Offer in the Library

  • New UI for Launched Campaign Preview

  • Performance of the Experiment table