2020 - 05 - 06 - MAY JUNE - RELEASE






Dynamic Audiences

Dynamic Audiences is here! Now you can build your target account based audiences using Salesforce View and Report and they will be updated dynamically for LinkedIn. They leverage LinkedIn’s vast network to build audiences, thereby, bringing you the best of both worlds.


Native targeting on LinkedIn

Now you can push your account list uploaded via CSV or built through Salesforce View and reports, directly to LinkedIn and use its vast network of 610 Million users to build your audiences.



Account List Reports

Now you can easily monitor how your uploaded account lists are performing by navigating to our Account List reports. It will give you the number of Reached, Engaged, Converted, Qualified and Influenced accounts from your uploaded list.



Enhanced Performance by Channels Report

We have enhanced the visualization of performance by channel reports to give you a clear idea of how your ads are performing with respect to each of the channels.

LinkedIn Views and Clicks by Accounts-1st Demand Generation Platform to offer

Now you can view Views and clicks by Accounts for your LinkedIn campaigns directly from Metadata. We are super proud to let you know that we are the first demand generation platform to offer this feature.




LINKEDIN - Custom Disclaimer for Lead-Gen Forms

We added the ability to specify a Custom Disclaimer for LinkedIn users who will be filling in Lead Generation forms. You also have an option to add the Consent checkbox and make it required or optional.


Ability to edit UTMs

You can now update your UTMs anytime after launching campaigns, if your campaign contains only LeadGen offers. Ad channels do not allow doing it for Landing Page offers.


Multi Level spacing in Ads

Now you can have multi-level spacing in Ad Texts to make your text more informative and descriptive.


Ad Management Updates

We improve usability of managing Ads. You can now duplicate Ads in the library and use multi-select to add dozens of Ads to the campaign in one click.


20+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • New UI for selecting Custom Audiences

  • New UI for Campaign Wizard that consolidated settings in one section.

  • Updated Revenue and employee ranges for Company Firmographic

  • Unique urls for active campaigns