Sales Alert!

Now you can notify your Sales team of relevant engagement activities like Leads, Impressions and clicks related to their accounts directly from the platform.

You can configure alerts or see the alerts in platform for all of your “Sales Owner” and their respective accounts using the platform.


Demographic Reports are here!

Now, you can monitor your Spend, Leads, Impressions, clicks, CPL, attribution data like Influenced and Triggered Opportunities and other useful statistics by Country and region for both Facebook and LinkedIn directly on our platform using Demographic reports.





Custom Questions - for LeadGen forms and Text Fields are here!

We have introduced the following Custom fields in Library:

  • Custom Question - Disclaimer and Consent for Facebook and LinkedIn Leaden forms: You can set up custom Disclaimers to support GDPR for your LeadGen forms using our Custom fields. This gives you the benefit of reusing the configuration across all your forms for both Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Custom Question - Single Line Input for Facebook and LinkedIn Leaden forms: You can set up this field to ask question with free text answer. .

  • Custom Question - Multiple Choice for Facebook and LinkedIn Leaden forms: You can set up this field to ask questions with a list of defined answers.

  • Text Field to receive attribution data about your leads from MA tools: You can set up multiple Custom text fields to receive data from MA tools, allowing you ton track attribution for your leads. You can configure it to collects data like SAL date, SQL date, Meetings booked etc.

What makes these Custom Questions stand apart from channels and other tools!

  • save time and effort with easy setup - 1 setup that can be used for both Facebook and LinkedIn forms.

  • flexibility to setup these Custom Questions for Leadgen forms in multiple languages.

The set up is very simple - You configure your custom question in Library under custom fields and then start using them in your LeadGen forms for both channels. The field is also available for mapping and syncing data with your Marketing Automation tool.




Enhanced UI for filters and Summary across Platform

We are continuously working on enhancing your experience of using our platform and as a part of it, we enhanced the look and feel of our filters and summary data across our platform.

We have added most commonly used filters on the screen for your convenience and enhanced experience.

You can also save filters as default, saving you time for future use.



Company Location in Technology Audience!

Now you can add Company location criteria to your Technology audience, thereby, helping you build targeted audiences.





Custom UTMs increased from 5 to 15

You are now allowed to have 15 custom UTMs thereby giving you more flexibility to track performance of your campaigns across your social channels.


20+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • Enhancements to UTM fields to receive special characters

  • Enhancements to Score field to receive alphanumeric data

  • Ability to select elements across multiple pages