Metadata Platform 101


Ensure that your email address, company name, and all other pertinent details are accurate. This is how we get in touch with you for updates and notifications. Also, from the user menu, you can access this help center and log out of the platform. 


Social Platform Accounts (Facebook/LinkedIn), Marketing Automation Systems (HubSpot/Marketo), and CRM Systems (Salesforce) are linked and managed from here. 

ProfileThrough your Salesforce account or CSV upload output, you can manage, view, and export the details of your A.I. generated Ideal Customer Profile. This process can take some time depending on the size of the data but you will be emailed as soon as it is available to view on the platform.
Custom AudienceAudiences can be generated directly from the ICP created on the Profile page or customized to your needs. We have multiple data sources integrated into the backend so the possibilities are (nearly) endless. Again, depending on the size of your audience, this process can take some time but you will be emailed once complete.
CampaignsLooking to target your audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through Programmatic advertising? Want to run a campaign that users click through to your hosted landing page or to a page that is hosted directly on Facebook/LinkedIn? This page is where you will create the experiments.
ReportsWhere the 'Home' screen provides you with a high-level view of campaign performance, this page really gets into the nitty-gritty with detailed reports broken down by platform.
Converted LeadsOpt-In leads who complete the form will be pushed to this list and within 24 hours they will be enriched with additional contact information that is not included on the form. From this page, opt-in leads are pushed to your marketing automation platform to the list of your choice.