2020 - 11 - NOVEMBER - RELEASE






G2 Dynamic Audience is here!

Now you can build G2 Audiences directly from our platform. Now you can build your target account based audiences using G2 Intent data with channel filters and they will be updated dynamically for LinkedIn. They leverage LinkedIn’s vast network to build audiences, thereby, bringing you the best of both worlds.

You need to integrate G2 on our Integration page and then create G2 audiences.


Audience Groups in Library is here!

Now, you can create audience groups and reuse it in multiple campaigns by storing them in Library.



LinkedIn Integration - Ability to choose Campaign Groups!

Now you can choose Campaign Group for LinkedIn under which you want to create campaigns.

Users can update the Campaign group on our LinkedIn Integration page.



Converted Leads - Ability to append UTMs for Leads converted multiple times

Now you can track all campaigns your Lead converted through by appending UTMs for leads that convert multiple times via different campaigns.

You need to enable this setting in MA tools integration page. Once enabled, if the same lead converts through multiple campaigns, we will append the UTM values as comma separated values.



Drift Chatbot Support on our Landing Pages!

We now support Drift chatbot on Landing pages. You need to enable Metadata pixel that is available on our Integrations page and map Email field. Once done, we will start receiving leads converted through the Landing pages in our Converted leads and can be pushed to your MA tool.



Increase Audience Name limit to 50!

We have increased the Audience name limit to 50 characters so that you can add more detail in the name.


20+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • Enhancements to show Total Budget for Campaign Draft

  • UI updates to Report filters and sorting order

  • Enhancements to allow more special characters in UTMs