FAQ - Leads not pushing to MA Tool

Depending on your MA tool settings there could be a few reasons as to why Leads are not appearing in your MA Tool after they convert. After clicking “Send to MA Tool” you may encounter an error as to why the problem is happening.


Enrichment Setting MA

  • The lead is not fully enriched and your MA tool setting is currently enabled to only send leads that are enriched.

If “Only Send Enriched Leads” is disabled and “Send Leads Before Enrichment” is enabled we will send leads before the lead becomes Enriched.

Field Mismatch

When sending a Lead to your MA tool you may encounter an error due to a field mismatch.

A field mismatch issue is where the value we are trying to send to your MA tool is not being accepted, for example, our Revenue field is trying to send a range ($50M - $100M) to a drop-down select field in your MA tool that does not contain the value.

To fix this confirm the following: