FAQ - You've Got Leads

A converted lead is a member of a custom audience list, was targeted in at least one active campaign, saw your ad, was compelled to click and fill out a form to access your offer. 

What now?

For starters, all converted leads from your active campaigns can be seen and reviewed on the Converted Leads tab within the platform. 

Upon review, you may only see the lead information associated with the fields on your form and tracking information. This just means that the lead is yet to be enriched. Enrichment will give you additional contact information such as LinkedIn profile URLs, business emails, and business phone numbers that are pushed to your Marketing Automation platform.

Want to check out the leads on a spreadsheet or not using Marketo or HubSpot?

No worries, you can easily export the list right from the platform.

Remember when you connected your Marketo/HubSpot account to the platform? Did you accurately associate our fields with the fields on your Marketing Automation platform? If so, when you click 'Send to Marketing Automation Tool', all of those fields will be updated with all of the detail included on the Converted Leads tab. If you didn't, go back and accurately map the fields to make sure the sync is seamless.

A couple of additional points:

  • Be sure to check the Converted Leads tab daily when you are running active campaigns to push the enriched leads to your Marketing Automation platform to start the nurturing and sales process.
  • Users have the ability to 'Search' for specific leads. This is a great feature for when you have multiple pages of leads and want to see if a contact from a specific target company has converted.

Once a lead converts, will they keep seeing ads? 

There is a chance they will, but it would depend on the frequency cap at the ad creative level. 

They might also see the same ad from a different experiment (since that would actually mark the ad as different on the creative level) within that amount of time.

If leads continue seeing ads, will the frequency in which they see them change? 

The frequency they would see it again would be dictated by the frequency cap, same as above. If they see it, they cannot see that exact experiment’s 1 ad creative for that set amount of time. An ad’s pCTR (predicted CTR) also dictates how often it shows in the feed, so if the ad someone converted on is very strong, it could be seen more often than other ads.

If you want to ensure someone who converts is NOT seeing ads again, you could set up a website retargeting segment against your “thank you” landing page and exclude them from each campaign. Or, you can export the email addresses of those who converted from your CRM and use that as an exclusion.