2021 - 01 - FEBRUARY Release







G2 Crowd Audience on Facebook and Linkedin

Now you can create G2 Intent audience on Facebook as well. This audience uses Metadata’s datasource to create a contact list of the accounts who visited your profile page on G2 Crowd. The contact-type audience will be automatically uploaded to Facebook and Linkedin.

This audience is static which means it will not change over time.

In the following releases we will add a dynamic audience that will be updated daily.


Graphs for Experiments Table and Reports

We added the ability to see the dynamics of various parameters over time, as a graph. Those parameters include: CPL, Spend, Leads, Clicks, CPC, Impressions and MQLs.

You can view stats by Days or Months.

The graphs on the experiment table and reports reflect data specified in filters, and therefore you can see dynamics by channels, objectives, offer types, ad types etc.



Dynamics Report by Weeks

Now you can view Dynamics report by weeks! By default, we show the last 12 weeks. You can choose which weeks you want to include in the graph in the “Weeks settings”. You can also specify which two weeks should participate in the calculation of the difference in % that is shown in the last column.

Please note, that the calculation of the % change for the incomplete week takes into account the velocity and reflects the expected change from the very beginning.



First Day Of Fiscal Year for Quarters

We added the ability to set the first date of the fiscal year for your company. It will allow calculating all quarterly stats in Dynamics reports by quarters that correspond to your company calendar.

To make the change, click the setting icon on the Dynamics by Quarters report, and enter the first date of the fiscal year.

It may take up to 24 hours to recalculate the data sets and present them in the table.


Performance by Offers Reports

We enhanced the Performance by Offers report with new filters (Spend from-to, Leads from-to and CPL from-to), added a summary stats, and the data exporting functionality.




More Filters for Linkedin Native Audiences

Now you can target by Member Group and Company name when using Linkedin Native criteria.

It will improve the precision for your audience as well as extend the ways to reach your ideal customer profile.