FAQ - Ideal Customer Profile

What does it mean to have a Profile? How many should one have? If you have more then one what does it mean? 

  • Ideal Customer Profile: what our algorithm finds as the top criteria to target for campaigns.

ICP what does it mean? Will it change? Will I know if it changes? 

  • It won't change but it makes sense to run it quarterly.

What does Data Summary mean? 

  • It gives you an overview of how much of the data found in your Salesforce or CSV upload was able to be used in building the ICP.

On the ICP Profile (summary) what do all the numbers mean? If there is a rating, are all companies that handle this expected to know what the rating is? Is it a standard set of numbers?

  • ??

On the Data Summary page, what is the meaning of each breakdown? What do the numbers mean? 

  • The score is based on how frequent each result appeared in the ICP.

What Does 'Opportunity's Probability' Mean in Salesforce Fields? 

  • Depending on your Salesforce set-up, your salespeople might associate a probability of an opportunity turning into an account. If deals are not scored on probability of closing, this box should be checked.

What is Lifetime? 

  • Lifetime is default for all dates that the Salesforce account has been active.