FAQ - Campaign Setup

How Many Campaigns Should Run On Each Channel? 

  • Our experiments are comprised of 6 variables: Audience, Channel, Offer, Type, Creative, and Text.
  • When starting out, we recommend testing two offers that target one audience of at least 100,000 Contacts.
  • On Facebook and LinkedIn (Channel), you should test both Landing Page and Lead Generation Form Campaigns (Type) with two (2) Creative and two (2) Text variations for each.
  • NOTE: Programmatic only offers Landing Page campaigns (Type) and there is no Text, so there are only 4 variables on Programmatic.

What Is The Difference Between Landing Pages And Lead Generation Forms?

Landing Pages: 

  • User clicks through to your internally hosted landing page and completes the form.

Lead Generation Forms:

  • User clicks and opens a form hosted by Facebook / LinkedIn.
  • These forms see a higher conversion rate because the user's public profile information is auto-filled and they are not leaving Facebook / LinkedIn and therefore are more willing to complete the form. 


How Do You Define A Campaign vs. An Experiment?


  • The sum of each variable.
  • Going through the process of associating audiences, picking the lead destination, and clicking “Launch Campaign” creates one campaign.


  • When you associate multiple audiences with different channels, add multiple landing pages/lead generation forms, and build a few ads, each of these variables creates independent experiments.
  • If you were to associate 1 audience to 1 channel, add 1 landing page, and build 1 ad, this would only create 1 experiment.
  • Alternatively, if you were to associate 1 audience with Facebook and LinkedIn, add a landing page and lead generation form for both Facebook and LinkedIn and create 2 ads for each channel, this would create 8 experiments - 2 landing page campaigns and 2 lead generation form campaigns on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

I Have A Campaign Consisting Of 8 Experiments That I Want To Run For A Month, But The Projected Spend Is Way Above Our Budget. Help!

  • With 8 experiments running for a month with the minimum daily budget of $25, you would be spending $6,000 if the daily budget was met each day.
  • Do not worry, due to reach and cost per lead / click limitations, the chances of you spending $25 on each experiment every day over the course of a month is very low.  
  • However, we do advise that you log into the platform daily to ensure that you are pacing conservatively against your budget.