FAQ - What The Funnel?

How to Interpret the Campaign Performance Grid:

  • Total Audience: Custom Audience Contacts Targeted In Lifetime Campaigns.
  • Active Campaigns: All Currently Running Experiments On Each Channel.
  • Total Spent: Lifetime Spend On Platform Campaigns.
  • Cost Per MQL: Total Spent / Total MQL (Defined Below)
  • Cost Per Opportunity: Total Spent / Total New Opportunities (Defined Below)

How to Interpret the Opportunity Funnel:

  • Total Impressions: Lifetime Platform Campaign Impressions On Each Channel.
  • Total Clicks: Lifetime Platform Campaign Clicks On Each Channel.
  • Total New Leads: Lifetime Platform Leads On Each Channel.
  • Total MQL: Dependent On Your Marketing Automation Scoring, All Leads That Are Above Your MQL Scoring Threshold.
  • Total New Opportunities: When Connected To Salesforce, This Number Will Reflect The Number Of Opportunities Created From Platform Campaign Leads.
  • Total Amount: Opportunity Dollar Amount Associated With All Of The Opportunities Created From Platform Campaign Leads.