FAQ - Integrations

What If I Use Another Marketing Automation Platform Other Than Hubspot/Marketo? 

  • Our team is constantly investigating new partners to integrate on the platform between Marketing Automation Platforms, Advertising Channels, CRM Systems, and more. If there is an integral product to your business that we do not currently offer on the platform, please provide a Suggestion. That being said, all Converted Leads from the platform can be exported to CSV and imported into your Marketing Automation Platform. It is an extra step on your end but nothing will be lost.

As A User, Am I Expected To Make All 5 Integrations?

  • The short answer is no, but let's break it down by section. (NOTE: We do offer the ability to create programmatic campaigns but due to the fact that there is no direct integration at this time, all of the set-up is done by our Advertising Operations team. The Reports tab on the platform provides all Programmatic performance detail so having no direct integration does not hinder our ability to report performance.)
    • Advertising: Facebook & LinkedIn should both be integrated. You might be thinking that Facebook is a waste of budget for B2B campaigns but our campaigns have historically seen very low CPMQL (Cost Per Marketing Qualified Lead) on Facebook. Also, Multi-Variant experimentation is a key to the platform and testing across channels is a key ingredient.
    • CRM: Similar to what was mentioned on Marketing Automation in the above question, if you do not use Salesforce, we offer the ability to generate an Ideal Customer Profile via .csv upload. The only way the platform will not be fully utilized if you are using a CRM other than Salesforce is the Opportunity attribution to leads from platform campaigns.
    • Marketing Automation: See answer above. If for some strange reason, you use both Hubspot and Marketo, you can only integrate with one or the other.