FAQ - Custom Audiences

What is Programmatic? What does it match? 

  • Programmatic is display advertising across the web through an exchange based on bids. It matches the users to cookies for targeting.

What am I previewing?

  • The audience that is generated once complete.

In the Custom Audience tab, can I upload all lists to a channel at the same time, or do I need to upload them one at a time? 

  • One at a time… for now. It will be auto in the future.

Am I able to select all individuals or lists in a drop-down? 

  • No.

What ratio should I expect in terms of the number of companies to the number of leads? 

  • Leads are only based on the number of emails that our data sources find so there is no magic ratio here.

Dynamic Audiences: 

  • They refresh every 24 hours. This applies to the below type of audiences.

Contact List CSV has a higher match rate in the social channel:

Please note, for Contact List CSV audiences email is the only parameter we upload to LinkedIn and Facebook to ensure the best targeting. You may see a higher match rate uploading directly to LinkedIn since the channel allows uploading multiple parameters (first name, last name, email) which doesn't have as high of accuracy.