FAQ - LinkedIn Ads with Macros - Convo Ads

When adding a Convo Ad, you can use macros to dynamically generate ad content that is personalized for each recipient. When you use macros like %FIRSTNAME% or %LASTNAME% in supported text fields during Convo ad creation, the viewer’s personalized information appears in the ad copy when the experiment is Active. When using macros, the text needs to be in all capital letters. For example, %firstname% will not work as a macro. Use %FIRSTNAME% instead.

Note. LinkedIn Convos are categorized as sponsored Ads on LinkedIn documentation.


List of available macros and how to use


  • Add %FIRSTNAME% to insert viewer’s First Name

  • Add %LASTNAME% to insert viewer’s Last Name

  • Add %COMPANYNAME% insert the company’s name of the viewer.

  • Add %JOBTITLE% insert the viewer’s job title.

  • Add %INDUSTRY% viewer’s industry to appear.


Hi %FIRSTNAME% %LASTNAME% I am looking for someone who works at %COMPANYNAME% as %JOBTITLE% in the %INDUSTRY% field to join our Webinar and your profile seems to be a match. What do you think?

Convo Setup:

Example Message:

Note. Macros will pull information from latest experience on viewers profile. As below