Verify Domain and create Lead Facebook Event

As part of recent policy changes, Facebook is requiring for the landing page domain to be verified and all web events to be configured on the verified domain.

This guide will walk through how to add the “Lead” event type which is what Metadata uses when launching Landing Page offers from the platform.








Go to

Ensure your domain is verified

Once domain is verified continue to next step

Follow these steps if you need further help verifying your domain:



Once your domain is verified navigate to Events Manager in Facebook



Select your primary Facebook Pixel

Note, if you do not have a Facebook Pixel Metadata will create one when Facebook is Integrated in the platform.



Under events you should see “Lead”



If you do not see Lead navigate back to the Metadata platform and go to Integrations

Ensure that Facebook is connected

Copy the Thank You Page Facebook Pixel

Place this script on your Thank You Page Landing Pages. Once you place the script on the Thank you page navigate to the Thank you Page to trigger the event back to Facebook to create the “Lead” event, this may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to refresh and you should then see “Lead” under events.



Navigate to Events Manager again → choose your main pixel → choose aggregated event measurement → configure web events ->choose your verified domain → manage events.

Define Lead event for your pixel on your verified domain.