2018-09-17 Release Notes 3.0

ICPv2 integration

  • ICPv2 is a ML algorithm, that generates three different types of Ideal Customer Profile: 'High Revenue', 'High Revenue & Shortest Time', 'Longest Time'.
  • Opportunity_StageName is a new required column in the CSV file/SFDC account. ICPv2 takes into account only the opportunities with stage: 'Closed Won', 'Closed Lost', 'Won', 'Lost'. Opportunities with other stage values are skipped.
  • 'Advanced Enrichment' section is removed from 'Create a New Profile' form, but 'Job Title' is still available for the enrichment from the SFDC.

  • Every ICPv2 type can be used as a basis for different types of custom audiences.
  • Every ICPv2 type includes new criterion - company's 'Technology' (product name).
  • All new ICPv2 types are designed using the new UI/UX approach.

Custom Audience Search - integration with HGData provider

  • UI/UX is improved: users can choose which Custom Audience type they want to run: 'Firmographics' (same as current CA, but w/o 'Include' option), 'Technology' (NEW), 'Upload CSV' (ABM - 'Include').

  • 'Technology' new Custom Audience type runs a search by Product Names (HGData provider).

Custom Audience- other updates

  • Company Counter on 'Firmographics' CA tab became more accurate.
  • It is possible to duplicate any custom audience regardless of its status.
  • On Custom Audience Preview contacts' First Name and Last Name are removed according to GDPR requirements.
  • Correct error from Facebook is shown when the user reached the daily number of times for upload/edit of custom audiences.


  • 'Site Insights' tab is added for announcement purposes.

Campaigns updates

  • 'Lead Form Submissions' goal is selected by default for LinkedIn LG experiments.
  • Platform updates Facebook, LinkedIn experiment back to 'Active' status, if the whole experiment was re-activated on the channel side (not only Ad Set or Ad). Statistics will be updated accordingly till the experiment end date. 
  • It is possible to duplicate any campaigns except for the drafts.
  • Campaign Name characters limit is updated to 150 chars max according to the feature request from NEXMO.

Converted Leads updates

  • 'Company Phone' field is added.
  • 'City' column became consistent with other location fields and shows company city now.
  • Report with leads now includes the Client Name.


  • Error messages are displaying longer and include Incident ID, that can be provided to the dev team for faster investigation.