2021 - April/May Release







Conversational Ads

Now it is possible to create LinkedIn conversational Ads from Metadata and use it with multiple audiences and offers, just as a regular Ad.

Conversational Ads are used to create a conversation experience for the viewer and provide predefined answers to reach your audience in a personal way by combining macros and multi-flow experience.

You can choose from a collection of predefined examples for Webinar, Download and Book Demo using 3 different flows to engage your audience.



Native Criteria Job Title criterion with copy/paste for LinkedIn Audiences

All LinkedIn Native Targeting audiences now support pasting a list with job titles. Not only that, this functionality also brings all matching references from LinkedIn database to your Audience!

You can paste just a few Job Titles and get a list with multiple matches instead of adding one by one.

Example: by pasting or typing Manager, it will bring a list with 10 different combinations of job titles with the word Manager.


UTM - have separate value for FB/LI utms


Now we support customized UTMs per channel.

When starting a campaign you can set your custom UTM specifically for Facebook or LinkedIn.




Auto-Pause when Monthly Cap met

Recently we introduced the Monthly Cap limit where you can set a limit for your monthly budget to be spent. Now we added the Auto-Pause functionality.

And how does it work?

You can simply turn on Auto-Pause on your Optimization Group form.

Once enabled, when reaching 95% of Monthly Cap, all the experiments associated with this group will be automatically paused.


New Columns for Group tables

Our group tables were enhanced with additional columns and useful information:

  • Budget Type (monthly reset, fixed budget, flexible)

  • Number of Active experiments

  • IDEAL Daily budget (calculated from total budget)

  • ACTUAL Daily budget (sum of all daily budgets for active exp.)

  • Total Pacing (Total Spend / Total Budget)

  • Total Leads

  • Total CPL


Enhancements and Fixes

  • Edit Account Monthly Cap from Experiments table

  • Visual improvements for graphs

  • Predefined filter for Last Month data

  • Ability to duplicate Offers in Wizard