2021 - May/June Release







Dynamics Report with Filters

A new version of Dynamics is now available additional filters and a reduced amount of parameters:

Users can select to view their data by Weeks, Months, and Quarters.

  • Multiple stats graph:

    • In this feature, users can select up to 3 parameters to compare information

  • Available parameters:

    • Spend

    • Leads

    • CPL

    • MQL

    • cpMQL

    • Clicks

    • CPC

    • Impressions

    • CPM

  • Filters by:

    • Campaign details, such as:

      • Experiment, Campaign, Audiences, Offers, Channels, and many others

    • Quantitative information

      • Spend, Leads, CPL, Audience Size


Additional Filters and Summary for
Audiences and Creatives

For both Audiences and Creatives summary it was added the option to filter data by several types of filters, and also it was released summary information that reflects the information filtered.

  • Filters by:

    • Date Range

    • Quantitative information

      • Spend, Leads, CPL, Audience Size

    • And others…


Opps Counting improvements - Experiment Table

Our opps counting information is being revised and now the experiments table includes more accurate information

Also, the opps counting information is being filtered accordingly to defined by users.


Decision Tree

Experiment duration as the number of Active Days

  • The budget optimizer calculation now is considering only days with delivery as Active days for the experiments.
    It will have no impact on current calculations of duration to date or overall duration based on Start and end date.

Experiment Score

  • Score is being recalculated considering the new formula for the number of active days.

Auto-pause when “Days since last lead”

  • Auto-pausing setting “Pause if Time from last lead is more than the number of specified days” should take into account only Days with deliver.


Multiple stats on Graphs

Some graphs on the platform now include the ability to select more than one parameter at the same time. It is a helpful tool for comparison and analysis of the information.

This functionality is available at:

  • Experiments Table

  • Performance by Experiments Report

  • Dynamics with Filters - NEW!


Enhancements and Fixes

  • Block Auto-bid option for Brand Awareness campaign when LI is enabled

  • Improvements on the BULK operation to update budget & bid for Experiments

  • Datasource optimizations