FAQ - Why can't we pull LeadGen forms or other assets from the channel directly

Metadata does require all assets to be created in our platform, this ensures proper tracking and attribution from the social channels.

LeadGen Forms:

All Native LeadGen forms to be created in the platform. Without this Leads will not be able to download into our platform as the LeadGen form would not be connected to the campaign from our platform.


Website Retargeting audiences can be pulled into the platform, but for other types of Audiences, those, unfortunately, can't be pulled into the platform.
We do plan to support pulling other types of audiences into the platform without having to re-create them in the future.
Since our data sources also change quarterly it is a good idea to always refresh them on the platform to ensure you are getting the latest updates with audiences.


Ads and Creatives do need to be re-created in the Metadata platform and unfortunately can't be pulled from the channel directly.