2021 - June/July Release







Carousel Ads are now available as Ads on Metadata!

  • User can select up to 10 different images from the library to create their carousel.

  • Important! All images/CTA will redirect users to the URLs defined on Offers when building the experiments


Retargeting Audiences from Facebook And LinkedIn

Any type of retargeting audience can now be used from Platform to launch campaigns, the list include:

  • Event

  • LeadGen Form

  • Company Page

  • Website Visit

  • Video



Exclude Audiences as Bulk action

Users can multiselect campaigns to set Exclude audience as Bulk action for both LinkedIn or Facebook:

Important: Be aware of limitations when adding exclusion lists and read carefully the contextual help.


Multiple Include/Exclude Ads and Offers on Campaign Wizard

On Campaign wizard, it is now possible to remove multiple Ads and Offers at once. It is a helpful enhancement that will speed up the process of launching multiple experiments.

Note: This functionality is currently not supported for Audiences on Wizard.


Account Funnel filter by Month

Account Funnel report can now be filtered by months, it will help to analyze the conversion flow by each month.

Currently, platform shows up to 12 last months of information.


Campaign Filters

When filtering a campaign, From and To dates consider the following rule:

  • Filter will bring any campaign with Start OR End Date between period defined on filter

  • OR if the campaign has any delivery on the period:

    • Convo Ads can trigger opportunities after the campaign ends, and this filter will help to display this information.


Enhancements and Fixes


  • Experiment Detail View - Add Bid/Budget

  • Rename of Dynamics report to Cohort Analysis

  • Contextual help for excluding audiences on launched campaigns