2021 - July/August Release







Default set "Auto-Placement" for Facebook Ads

We are introducing a new functionality on platform that will automatically set “Auto-Placement” on Facebook.
It will make Facebook to auto enable placements available for the accounts.




Pacing per experiment - column and graph

The new column “Pacing” was added to our Experiment table. It is calculated per each experiment individually by a calculation using Summary Spend and Summary Daily Budget, which creates a tracking record of how the experiment is pacing.

There is also Pacing parameter to be viewed on our Graph and evaluate the performance.

Note. There are no historical data before July 25th, when the data collection started




Date filters to Attribution Model 3 and 4

Attribution models 3 and 4 now have the functionality to filter the number of days in which the interaction happened when counting the opportunities,

What does it mean?

  • The model will count all opportunities with create dates within specified timeframe that have the matched contacts.



Global Custom Fiscal Year - Cohort Filters

Custom Fiscal year is now supported in our recently launched Cohort report with Filters.

Note. You can adjust your First Day of Fiscal Year either on Cohort All Stats OR Cohort Filters report. Once applied, it will be replicated to all Cohort Reports that has filters by Quarters.


Upload Multiple Creatives

To upload more than 1 creative, you will have the ability to Drag & Drop or select multiple files to be uploaded. You should wait the operation to be complete and to not close the window, but you can open a new Tab and keep working while your files are being processed.

You can upload several files at once, including videos.


Ability to export Custom UTM and Custom fields

When exporting Leads from lead table, it will automatically include ALL custom fields on the exported CSV file.

Note. At this moment is not possible to export only selected custom fields. All fields will be included.


Graphs by Weeks

Our chart functionality now includes view information by Weeks.

This new functionality is available in the following pages:

  • Experiment Table

  • Experiment Report



Enhancements and Fixes

  • Attribution Model was moved from Settings page to Library

  • Setting menu item is now available only from User Menu

  • Ad Type filter for Convos and Carousel

  • Ad preview for different placements (Mobile, Desktop, Instagram)

  • Experiment Preview - How we build experiment names

  • List of supported Macros for Convos and Validation!