2021 - August/September Release








Slintel Technology Audiences

A new audience type has been made available - Technographic (Slintel). This audience allows users to select product(s) and generate an audience based on companies that are using those technologies.

After selecting product(s), users are able to filter the contacts by Job Title, Seniority and Location.

Note: There is a limited number of technologies available for the initial release. Additional technologies are expected to be available Oct 15, 2021.



Fuzzy/Exact Match for LinkedIn job titles

When building a LinkedIn Native Audience, it is now possible to choose between Exact or Fuzzy match to include a list of Job Titles.

By default, it will be Exact Match, so whenever you paste or type a Job Title, it will return only results that has a Exact match, for example, if you type or paste the value “Engineer“, it will only include Engineer on you list of job title.

If you decide to use Fuzzy match, you can simply switch to Fuzzy on selector and keep building your list.

Note. Switching between Fuzzy or Exact will not clear the list, so you can use both functionalities if needed.




It is now available the ability to include a image as banner for Convo Ads. This is a must have for Convos since for Ads without those images, LinkedIn can automatically add it when launching the experiment.

Banners are displayed only on Desktop, when viewing the conversation on the full window of LinkedIn messaging page.

Important: There are some size limitations that should be considered when adding a banner to your Ad. The platform will filter the library to show only Images that are smaller than 2Mb to avoid any issues, although, there will be no validation related to the dimensions of the image, uploading an image larger than 300 x 250 may cut the image when showing your ad.


Size and Dimensions for Images on Library

Since we are releasing the ability to add Banners to Convos, we are also including size and dimensions of Images in our Creative Library, so you will have the ability to sort and filter your library of creatives.

Note. Currently, there is no support for size and dimensions for videos.


Auto-Restart Experiments

Our Optimizer just got a new functionality. The ability to auto restart experiments that were paused due to monthly cap being reached. But how it works?

  • Every 1st day of month, platform will identify all experiments that were paused due to monthly cap being reached and evaluate:

    • If the optimization group has the Auto restart setting enabled, the experiments will be restarted.

    • If not, no experiment will NOT restart.

Note. This feature is only available for Groups where the Auto-pause when Monthly Cap Met is turned ON


Audiences new Names

To provide a better usability and understanding of our wide list of possibilities to build audiences, we renamed the list. The new Taxonomy increase visibility and focus on audience targeting.

Note. The new names will be visible on the list of audiences and filters across the platform. There are no changes on Audience Create flow.


Enhancements and Fixes

  • Performance Indicator for Cohorts

  • Validation for URLs that contain link to a file

  • Retain last used Quarters on Cohort Analysis

  • Retain last used snippets on multiple pages

  • + 10 other small improvements on UI and Usability