2021 - November Release







Google Paid Search - Google Ads Campaigns

We are testing Google Ads Capabilities on platform before our official release.

At this moment, users will be able to see Google Paid search available on integration page and use some limited functionalities such as create Ads and lists of Keywords.


NOTE. Currently is not available to all accounts the ability to launch experiments from platform since it is in Beta stage. If any question, please talk to the Metadata CSM team.




Leadsift Intent Topic Audience

A new audience type has been made available - Intent Topic (Leadsift). This audience allows users to select Intent Topic(s) and generates contact lists based on the company’s intent towards a particular topic. Users can refine their criteria by adding Firmographic information such as Industry and number of Employees


Note: Intent data may be determined from a variety of sources -search history, browsing history, blog and forum posts.
The exact nature of the intent data varies by vendor.




Custom Field as Opt-in Email - FB/LI


Users now have the ability to include one specific custom field for emails.
When using this special Custom field type on their Lead Gen forms on Facebook and LinkedIn, Metadata will automatically add this email as Main email on the Lead.



Increase Frequency of Auto Pause Cron and increase threshold

We are now targeting Metadata Auto-Pause threshold to 99%.
From now on, platform will collect information from channel every 90 minutes and auto-pause experiments if group cap is at 99%.

Note. Before today, threshold was set to 95%.


Placement Options for Facebook Experiments

When launching a campaign on Wizard, users will have the ability to optionally enable automatic placements on channel.
If not set, by default platform will launch experiments for Facebook News Feed only.


Improved Usability for Multiple axis

A small improvement was done to make our graphs better looking.
Now platform will have Axis per type, so it means when we compare Leads and MQLs the bars/lines will share the same unit, therefore comparison will be improved.


Default Triggered Opps to "Model 3 - Associated"

We changed our default setting for triggered opps to use Model 3 - Associated.
When a new account is created, it will automatically count triggered opportunities based on Associated contacts of the opportunity from salesforce.


Enhancements and Fixes

  • Attribution model visible for all users

  • Optimization States filters visible for all

  • Renamed “Lookalike“ to “Job Title Group“ on Firmographic Audience