2022 - January Release







Metadata now supports integration with Google Ads to launch Search Campaigns directly from our platform.

We provide all core functionalities needed to Launch, Manage and Optimize google search campaigns, including:

  • Integrate

  • Create Ads & Keywords

  • Include Sitelinks

  • Launch Campaign

    • Set Bid Strategies

    • Include additional settings

      • Location

      • Language

      • Ad Schedule

  • Optimization and Reports

    • All reports currently available on platform

      • Cohorts

      • Performance reports

      • etc


Note. Existing limitations when launching from platform are already prioritized for upcoming releases. Audiences, Additional Ad Extensions and Campaigns Settings.

Group setting
Optimizer logs
Budget optimizer snippet


Custom MQL Optimization Rules v1.0

Platform now allows the flexibility to choose your optimization setting between LEADS or MQLs.

Based on this configuration, the AI will optimize towards the KPI of your choice.

  • When creating a Campaign Group a new option will be available and users can define which formula will be used.

Note. Ability to set threshold for auto pausing experiments will be implemented in next phases.




Single Sign On (SAML/SSO)

Metadata platform now supports integration for Single Sing On.

Some small changes has been applied to our workflows to support this new functionality and ensure a seamless experience across the platform signup and login processes for any type of account.

Note: At this moment, the process requires a request to be created for Engineering team finish the Account setup.


Stats via S3 (Open API)

Our Experiment table now can be integrated with other platforms and systems via S3.

But what it means?

By request, you can have access to a dedicated information bucket on Amazon Data Lake (S3), which will give you all the information we have in Platform Experiment table.

The information will be available daily as a CSV file format and can be easily uploaded into any external tool.

Note. At this moment, the process requires a request to be created for Engineering team to give access to the data.


Audiences Improvements

  • Improved list of Industries for LinkedIn Audiences using Tree View.

  • Company Revenue Firmographic filter is now available for all LinkedIn Native audiences

  • Unified create page for Dynamic/Static audiences


Reporting Improvements

  • New filters are available on the following reports:

    • Opportunities by Name

    • Leads Table

      • New filters for Consultant users

      • Opportunity counter and Summary!

    • Auto Calculate Monthly Cap on Experiment table


Enhancements and Fixes

  • 30+ UI improvements (Labels, Colors, Icons)

  • Optimization group is now required!

  • Restart ended experiments directly from platform