2018-11-25 Release Notes 3.2



1 - Meet Metadata New Look & Feel

Meet Metadata new look & feel. We hope you love it!

Expect more frequent usability improvements in the upcoming weeks and months.

2 - Opportunity Counters

Our new advanced logic will now match converted leads to contacts in your SalesForce and calculate influenced and directly triggered opportunities. 

3 - Enhanced Enrichment 

We upgraded our enrichment logic and brought the quality of data enrichment to a new level.

We also fixed enrichment performance issues related to receiving hundreds of leads per minute and queuing them for enrichment. 

4 - Converted Leads Enriched Data in Your Inbox

The email notification about a new lead will now include all enriched information we could find. 

5 - Converted Leads Table is Ready For Scale

We fixed performance issues that used to happen after you collect more than 500 leads. Now the Converted Leads table can handle tenths of thousands of leads.