2018-12-26 Release Notes 3.3

Custom UTMs

Now you have the ability to customize UTM parameters for your campaigns and align them with your existing tracking systems and naming conventions.

UTMs will be set at the Campaign level and will auto-populate for all experiments.

Default UTM values can now be set to a customer static value or can be dynamic. For dynamic values, you can pick one of these seven options:

  1. Experiment Name
  2. Campaign Name
  3. LP/LG Name
  4. Ad name
  5. Custom Audience Name
  6. Offer Type
  7. Ad Channel

You can also save your custom UTM settings as the default for all subsequent campaigns.


Opportunity Details Page

Metadata will now provide more detail on your ROI.

With the addition of the “Opportunities” tab, users can now see the pipeline impact of metadata.io on a granular level. We will now display exactly which opportunities were triggered and influenced organized by account.

Usability - Column Organizer

We introduced a column organizer for the Converted Leads table that will bring the efficiency of analyzing data to a totally new level.

Simply select fields you want to view and Metadata will display the required information in one view without having to scroll over.

Usability - Tracking Scripts on Integration

The tracking pixel code required for Landing page campaigns can now be found on the Integrations page.  

This will expedite the campaign setup process by eliminating a repetitive step.

Note: You will need to connect your Facebook and Linkedin accounts for the Thank You page pixel code to be generated. The landing page pixel is always available.

Usability - Preview Custom Audience Criteria

You can now review the criteria you used to create a Custom Audience after it’s been generated.

To access this page, select the Custom Audience, click "Preview" and then click on the "i" icon next to the Custom Audience title.

20+ more usability improvements and fixes

  • improved search in all dropdown fields in the platform and fixed several issues related to search for tables
  • improved behavior of the browser back button that now brings you to the previous state of search
  • enabled downloading campaigns in CSV file
  • improved numerous labels; marked required fields with red stars and many more improvements