2019-01-31 Release Notes 3.4

Public API - Converted Leads - Beta

The first version of the Metadata Public API will allow pulling in leads to any application and, if necessary, act on leads in real-time. 

Leads Public API is integrated with Zapier, which allows the incorporation of incoming leads into any existing marketing/sales workflow in a matter of a few hours. 

It's currently in Beta and is available by invitation only. 

Improved Technology Custom Audiences

Technology-based custom audiences will now have global coverage and much better coverage in the US. We also improved audiences size estimates and limits validations. 

Multivariate Experiments Table and Pacing Indicator

We improved visibility into Multivariate Experiments Performance, optimization and analysis. You can review your experiments across all or selected campaigns and easily see which multivariate attribute works better and which optimization actions are taken place. 

Pacing Indicator 1.0

Pacing indicator shows how the budget is spent and optimized during the entire campaign duration. 

At any moment it is showing % deviation of the Actual Apent from the Expected Spent.  A range between 70%-130% is considered normal deviation that does not require any immediate adjustments.   

Weekly Digest 1.0 

Now you will receive main stats on your Metadata account every Monday.

The main summary section includes the total numbers of Impressions, Clicks, and Leads and the seven-day change.

The Performance by Channels table includes totals (from all time) and last seven-day changes for social channels: Facebook and Linkedin. 

Opportunities table shows only total numbers from all times.  

Reports Improvements

We added more attribution columns to the Audience, Campaign and Publisher report for Programmatic Campaigns and improved accuracy of conversion data. 

You can now filter the Target Account report by Date. 

20+ Usability Improvements and Fixes

We made numerous usability improvements, including inline actions, summary info about experiments and custom audience criteria on Experiments and Leads tables, ability to export leads and archive/delete campaigns.