2019-03-30 Release Notes - March

Campaign Wizard - Improved UI

We improved the usability of the Campaign Wizard by consolidating the required ingredients of the experiment into one section: custom audiences, ads, and offers.  A quantity of the experiments is updated in real-time while you are adding or removing ingredients. 

New Tracking Pixel and campaign UTM 

We created a new tracking pixel that has much higher compatibility with a variety of technologies of landing pages. You don't have to re-embed the pixel while we keep evolving and improving it. 

Landing Page URL with UTMs to test leads conversion

Now the experiment detail page contains Landing page URL with all UTMs. It will allow you to quickly test the lead conversion on your landing page: simply click the link, submit the form with test data and find your newly converted lead in the "Leads" table. If you don't see your test lead there, please, contact Metadata tech support for further investigation. 

Target Account Report - Phase 1

We consolidated all currently available data about your target accounts into one report. Currently, the report contains the following data:

  • Number of converted leads in Social campaigns on Linkedin and Facebook
  • Number of impressions and clicks in Linkedin campaigns
  • Number of impressions and clicks in Programmatic campaigns
  • Name of uploaded ABM lists targeted by social campaigns

You can filter the consolidated report by Dates and Channels, and view it as a sortable table or as a set of snippets. 

Filter by Date Range for all Report Tabs

We added a filter by Date Range to each Report tab. Please note that you have to click the "Apply" button to trigger re-calculation.  

Campaign - Save as Default for LeadGen forms

One more usability improvement that will save a lot of your time.

Clicking the "Save As Default" link will save the content of all fields of LeadGen forms, most of which never change. And every time you click "Create New LeadGen form" you will have all fields pre-filled. 

Campaign - Allow Bid being higher than Budget for Facebook

Now the pacing of Facebook campaigns can be boosted by setting the Bid higher than daily budget.

We also decreased the low limit of the allowed daily budget to $10 for both Facebook and Linkedin. This will allow creating a higher number of experiments for the allocated monthly budget. 

Please note that the recommended daily budget remains $25. 

Opportunity Table by Opps Name

We created an additional view for Opportunities influenced or triggered by Metadata's converted leads. The table lists opportunities by name that allows you to easily filter them by date and sorting by amount, account and date.

Activity Logs - Search, Filter and include Incidents 

You can filter and search activity logs by categories and description. We also added several types of incidents, including errored campaigns that often happen due to an unexpected change of user permissions on advertising channels or other misconfigurations. 

Export Selected Rows

Now you can export selected rows on Leads, Experiment and Campaign tables. 

10+ Improvements

  • Sort Experiment table by "Last Conversion Date"
  • Fixed Carousel Facebook Ad Type
  • Fixed Video Facebook Ad Type
  • many others