2019-04-30 Release Notes - April

Asset Library - Creatives

We are happy to announce that the first version of the Asset Library is now live.

You can upload your images and videos to the library and then re-use them in various campaigns. You can also upload to the Library right from the Campaign Wizard. 

In the upcoming months, we will be adding Texts, ABM Lists, and Ads to the Asset Library. 

Asset Library - Offers

Asset Library allows you to reuse offers from Facebook and Linkedin in various campaigns. 

You can create a LeadGen or Landing Page offers in the Asset Library or directly in the Campaign Wizard. Offers created in the Campaign Wizard will be automatically added to the Library. 

You can preview the offer by clicking on the offer name. 

Custom Audience Chooser 

We improved the usability of choosing Custom Audiences in the Campaign Wizard. Now you can browse the Custom Audiences in the table that allows searching by name, sorting, filtering, and selecting multiple audiences. 

Audience Type Column and Filter

Now you can sort and filter Audiences by Type (Firmographic, ABM list, Technology and Intent Topic) in the Custom Audiences section and Campaign Wizard.  

Campaign Status Filter 

We added a filter by Campaign Status on the Campaign page. You can select only active campaigns, drafts, or completed campaigns of any combination. 

Please note that the filter will remember your last choice when you revisit the campaign page. 

Opportunity by Name Table Updates

We have the following three updates on the Opps by Name table

  • The Opps Name links directly to the Salesforce opportunity record
  • Filter by Opportunity Status (Open, Closed Won, Closed Lost)
  • Date of lead conversion next to the lead email

Main Dashboard Updates

Our dashboard now includes Top Experiments for both Lead Generation and Brand Awareness campaigns. We also exposed summary numbers for Closed Won opportunities in the Opps section. 

View and Save Mapping 

Now you can view the current mapping of your Marketing Automation tool by clicking the link "View Mapping". It's very useful when you want to verify your mapping without disconnecting. 

If you do need to reconnect to your Marketing Automation tool, the platform will save your current mapping and will pre-fill it every time you need to reconnect. This way reconnecting to your MA will take you a matter of seconds. 

Preventive Validation

We added numerous validations for settings and permissions required for connecting to Linkedin and Facebook on the Integration page as well as upon launching Campaigns. 

We also included more information about validation errors for audiences, integrations, and campaigns to our Activity Logs. 

20+ Improvements and Fixes 

  • Spend amount will be updated every 4 hours in the Campaign and Experiment tables, compared to every 24 hours before. 
  • Ability to archive multiple campaigns at once including drafts
  • You can download your ABM list on the Custom Audience Detail View.