2019-06-30 Release Notes - May - June

Upload Contact List

Now the Custom Audience creation tool allows you to upload a contact list. 

It's useful for retargeting previously converted leads with bottom-of-funnel offers or leads that have gone inactive for some time. 

The CSV should have only one field - email address. 

Oracle Eloqua Integration 

We've integrated with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation tool. Now, those who have it in their marketing technology stack can push enriched, converted leads directly to Eloqua as well as read leads score and MQL date as they progress down your funnel.

Generate Public API Key 

We've created a Public API Key for your integration with Metadata. The Public API Key can be used for integrations via Zappier or directly with the platform. 

You can view your current API Key at any time as well as revoke it or generate a new one in the Integrations tab.

Pause or Restart Multiple Experiments and Campaigns

We enabled pausing and restarting multiple experiments in batches. You can do it in the Campaign or Experiment tables. 

Improved Campaign and Experiment Status indicators

We improved the usability of status indicators for Campaigns and Experiments as well as added Filters and additional columns. 

By default, you will see only Drafts and Active campaigns. But if you choose different statuses, the platform will remember your choice. 

Date Filters on the Experiment Page

We added "From/To" Date Filters to the experiment page that allows you to view experiments and their stats during the selected period of time. Together with the rest of the advanced filters, you will be able to narrow down results to very specific date ranges. 

Stats Summary on the Experiment Page

Now you can easily see a summary of stats for your selection of experiments in the Experiments table — very useful for reviewing your active experiments and analyzing results.

Date Filter Dropdown on the Dashboard

The main dashboard now has a Date Time filter dropdown with most frequently used period of times (last 7, 14, 30, 90 days and one year). By default, the dashboard shows stats from all times. 

Opportunity amounts in the Experiment and Leads tables

We added columns with the number of Influenced and Triggered Opportunities as well as their respective dollar amounts. All columns are sortable. 

50+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • Support "Choose from Library" for Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Eject function for Custom Audiences in the Campaign Wizard
  • Ability to export Opportunity by Name table
  • and many others