2019-07-30 - Release Notes - July







AMB List Library

Now you can upload and manage your ABM lists in the Library. Here you can choose which ABM list you want to include to the Account Report.

Every time you create a new Custom Audience you will select an AMB list from the library instead of repeatedly uploading it from your local computer.

The AMB list library will also allow analyzing performance stats by AMB lists.


Custom Audience Filters - Exclude Job Title, Job Function and Seniority

We enhanced filtering criteria for Contacts by allowing you to exlude Job Titles, Job Funcion and Seniority. Please, note, that you can have both options (Include and Exclude) for Job Titles, while only one option (either Include or Exclude) for Job Function and Seniority.

These filters enhancements were selected based on the most frequent business cases when narrowing down criteria for custom audiences.



Custom Audience Filters - Product Group filters

Now you can choose two groups of products that will allow narrowing down to companies that use both product groups. For example, to select companies that use both Salesforce and Marketo you will need to select Salesforce in one Product Group field and Marketo in the second Product Group field.


Custom Audiences Filters - Select By Regions

We added one more way to specify your target location. The “Select Region” popup allows you to choose an entire region and then fine-tune your choice by checking/unchecking countries.



Email Notifications Setting

Now you have control over which system email notification you wish to receive. To do so, navigate to Settings and check/uncheck email groups in the Email Settings section.


User Management - Invite Users Flow

We improved the user experience of adding new users to your Metadata account. As an Admin, you can now navigate to your User Management section in Settings, click the button “Add New Member”, specify an email address and a role (User or Admin), and send an invite. The new member will receive an email invitation to finish the registration by creating a password and logging in right away. As an Admin you can also deactivate members or edit their Role and other info.


Experiment Details Preview

We improved the Experiment Detail view by consolidating all available information about the experiment in one simple view including settings, stats, leads, visual previews, and activity logs. You can click on the Lead email to see the full information about the Lead right here or click on the Custom Audience name link to see full info about this audience.


Leads Details Preview

We introduced a Lead Detail View which allows you to see all availbe information about the lead. Anywhere you see a clickable lead’s email in the platform, you can click on it to see the consolidated detail view.


Audience Details Preview

We improved the Custom Audience detail view by adding additional information and improving the usability of criteria preview.


Experiment Table - Clickable Leads quantity

Now you can click on the Leads quantity in the Experiment table and redirect to the Lead’s table. Here you will find filtered leads for that particular experiment.


Leads Table - Filter by Campaign and Experiment

We added two additional filters to the Lead table: Experiment and Campaign. You can choose multiple experiments and/or campaigns from the filter dropdown to narrow down Leads table results.



20+ fixes and improvements

  • Export Archived Campaigns

  • Tooltips and explanations

  • Display validation error next to the disabled button “Create Audience”

  • Usability improvements for tables: Action button on the left, show number of selected rows, etc.

  • New filter that enables display for experiments from Archived campaigns on the Experiment table

  • “Clear All” function for all multi-select dropdown

  • and many others