2019-09-30 - Release Notes - September August








Improved Match Rates for Audiences on Facebook and Linkedin.

The change concerning Data Privacy made on August 1st dramatically decreased the matched rate for our custom audiences. After extensive investigations, we found a new solution by enriching audiences with private emails from a new data source. It is our first phase of the solution that has increased the average match rate on Facebook from 4% to 16% and on Linkedin from 30% to 50%.
Phase 2 will bring those numbers even higher and will also improve the quality of the target audiences.



Improved Lead Enrichment Options

Now you can choose whether you want to receive leads in your Marketing Automation tool BEFORE or AFTER enrichment. If you select the option “Send to MA AFTER enrichment”, your leads will be enriched within 24 hours and pushed to your MA tool. If you choose the option “Send to MA BEFORE enrichment”, your leads will be sent to your MA tool right away. Then they get enriched and updated in your MA tool within 24 hours.
The option “Send to MA BEFORE enrichment” often gets chosen in case of Live Events when companies need to act on the converted leads immediately.



The smarter Metadata tracking pixel

We are sure you will enjoy new enhancements when setting up Landing Page offers. When you copy your landing page URL into offer form, our platform will analyze the page and will inform you in case:

  • your landing page is missing a new Metadata pixel, which results in losing converted leads

  • your landing page has more than one Metadata pixel installed which results in receiving duplicate leads

We also optimized the timing between consecutive clicks on the Submit button on landing pages, which often causes duplicate leads.



Campaign - Website Visit Retargeting

We’ve created Website Visit Retargeting campaigns by adding Website audiences directly from Facebook and LinkedIn.
The Custom Audience table will now include the Website Trafic audience type. Audiences of this type are quite different: they belong only to one channel, and their size usually grows over time.
Please note that you have to set up a new Website Traffic audience directly on the channel (Facebook or Linked). In the upcoming releases, we will add the ability to create a Website Visit audience directly from the platform.


Campaign - Competitive Retargeting

We introduced a new type of campaign, “Competitive Retargeting,” which has a lead-generation focus in its core but allows you to choose only the Technology type of Audiences.
First, you have to create a Technology Audience for your competing products and then select it in the “Competitive Retargeting” campaign.
Having a dedicated type of campaign for “Competitive Retargeting” will allow more granular tracking during various stages of multivariate testing.



Campaigns - Editing Additional Campaign Info in Bulk

Now you can edit the following information for Launched campaigns:

  • End Date of the campaign which will update the End Date for all experiments of the campaign

  • Destination list in your Marketing Automation tool

  • Name of the Campaign

End Date and MA List can be edited in bulk, but selecting several campaigns in the table and choosing the right bulk action.



Campaigns - UI Improvements

We improved the usability of the Campaign wizard for campaigns with the Launched status by consolidating all editable actions in one central section, removing inappropriate information or actions, and collapsing sections that are used less frequently.



Tables - UI Improvements

We brought usability of tables to a totally new level. To highlight just a few:

  • Inline editing for all editable fields in Campaign, Experiment, and Leads tables will boost your productivity

  • Choosing the number of rows ranging from 25 to 200 per page

  • The first row and first column are frozen. Now you can scroll horizontally and vertically while keeping headers insight.

  • Changing the order of columns in the column organizer will allow you to customize the table to your needs

  • Having a “Select / Unselect All” option in the column organizer will speed up your setups



20+ Improvements and Fixes

  • Enabling Eloqa static list

  • Improved discrepancies between estimated and actual audience size for technology type

  • Enabled Export of big tables by preparing a CSV file offline and then sending a link to downloaded CSV

  • Multi-select dropdowns now show the full name, however long it is without cutting it off

  • Improved usability of Edit Lead form

  • Added View state for Ads