2019 - 10 - Release Notes - October







Custom Audience - Improved Quality and Match Rate

With additional changes in our data sources, we managed to significantly increase the Facebook and Linkedin match! Now the average Facebook match rate is 40%, and the average Linkedin match rate is 67%.

We made a few changes on the “Create Audience” pages that will ensure better precision and usability.

  • The Location field will present only in the “Contact” section to avoid confusion and collisions with company vs. employee locations.

  • Job Function now has over 30K thousand items, and it works similar to the Job Title field. We will add a predictive search in the next release.



Custom Audiences - Limit Contacts per Company

Now you can limit the maximum number of employees you want to target per company. It is most useful if your criteria include big companies with thousands of employees.

By default, the option is turned off. To enable it, you will need to check the checkbox “Limit users per company” and specify the number in the text field.


Custom Audience from Salesforce Account View List

We added the ability to create a Custom Audience from your Salesforce Account View List. Every time you choose a new Account View List for your audience, it will be added to the Library so you can re-use it again in your audience builder.
In our next releases, we will add the ability to dynamically update the audience when your Account View LIst in Salesforce is updated.


Reports - Accounts Funnel (Beta)

Welcome to our new Account report that presents every stage of your “Target Account Pipeline”: Exposure, Engagement, Conversion, and Sales. You can see Accounts stats separately for Display and Social campaigns for each funnel phase (if the corresponding data are available).
The report is in Beta and will significantly evolve based on your feedback in the next two months.


Reports - Multivariate Performance (Beta)

Now you can see more granular stats on your Multivariate Experiments in the new report section “Performance.” In the first phase, we included stats by Audiences, Offers, and Creatives.
We will have a lot more to offer in the next few months.



Dashboard - Top 5 Offers, Audiences and Creatives

We added three more statistics sections to the Dashboard: Top 5 Offers, Audiences, and Creatives — segmented by Lead Generation and Brand Awareness campaigns. You can navigate to the full report by clicking “View All”.


Leads table - Filter by Company and Business Email

Now you can review and analyze your leads in greater detail. Based on your feedback, we added three more filters to our Leads table:

  • Search By Business Email

  • Search by Company

  • Search by Country



Dates in User Locale

We made a big usability improvement by transferring all Dates fields from UTC format to your locale. You don’t need to convert UTC to your Time Zone in your head any time you see a Date field in the platform.


20+ Improvements and fixes

  • User will need to change password

  • Allow duplicating campaign drafts

  • User Management - Reactivate User and Resend invitation

  • Leads Email includes Experiment, audience and offers name