2019 - 12 - December - Release







Reports - Account Detail Page

We introduced an Account Profile page that accumulates all information about the Account, including its funnel stage, Leads, Opportunities, and Campaigns. You can view Leads and Experiments details right within the Account Profile by clicking the corresponding links.


Report - Account Funnel Updates

We further optimized Account funnel reports by introducing the new funnel stage “Reached”, which shows accounts with impressions while the “Engaged” funnel stage shows only accounts with clicks. While we keep all tables clean with visible columns relevant to the funnel stage, you can use the column organizer and add any other available data. We also made our reports more visual by adding account logos.


Custom Audience - Job Title Lookalike

Now you can easily add Leads Job Titles to your audience by using the Lookalike link under the Job Title field. The popup window will give you options to add Job Titles of converted leads with Triggered or Influenced opportunities, MQL leads, or all job titles. Please, note that there is a limit of 500 job titles per audience, and sometimes you might want to create several audiences to include all relevant job titles.


Custom Audience - Predictive Search for Job Title and Job Function

We also made it easier for you to search for relevant Job Titles or Job FunctionS by introducing predictive search results. Start typing the most relevant keywords to see the dropdown with suggested Job Titles or Job Functions. Please, note that results in the predictive search dropdown are sorted by frequency.


Eloqua - Send Leads to Form Submission

Eloqua users will now be able to send converted leads to Submission Forms instead of Contact objects. To enable it, you will need to reconnect to Eloqua on the Integration page and choose “Send leads to the Submission Form” radio button. Then, select the form name in the dropdown and map the fields. Please, note that the platform will keep pulling MQL Date and Score from the Contact object as before.


New Settings for Sending Leads to Marketing Automation Tool

We introduced two more settings for the Marketing Automation tool integration that will enable more flexibility to comply with your marketing processes.
The “Only Send Enriched Leads” setting will prevent sending leads to your MA tool that does not have all six minimum required fields filled in (Email, Business Email, First and Last Name, Company, Country).
The “Replace non-English Characters” setting will replace non-English characters with English ones when pushing leads to the MA tool. This option is most useful for Marketo users. Please note that the platform will keep the original language of the lead.




Allow Adding Additional UTMs

Now you can add up to 5 additional UTMs for your campaigns. You will find the UTM Parameters section in the Settings. Additional UTMs have the same choice of values as standard ones: seven dynamic values or a custom static string.



20+ Improvements and Fixes

  • Added Zip Code to the Landing Page mapping form

  • Added predictive search when selecting the MA list in the campaign wizard

  • Size for Website Audience is updated daily

  • Session timeout

  • many others