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LinkedIn Video Ads: 1st ABM Platform To Offer!

We added the ability to launch Video ads on Linkedin that can dramatically increase your conversion rates and lower CPL.

To enable a Linkedin Video ad is as simple as choosing the “Single Video” ad type and uploading the video file. The rest of the user experience is the same as Image Ads.

If you don’t have time or resources to build an impactful Video Ad, please do not hesitate to contact your Metadata CSM who can help you find freelance support.



NEW: Pardot Integration

Great news for companies that are using Salesforce Pardot as a marketing automation tool. Now you can link your Pardot account on the Integration page and start syncing leads to Pardot as soon as they arrive and get enriched, as well as syncing Leads Score and MQL Date from Pardot to the Metadata platform.



FACEBOOK - Custom Disclaimer for Lead-Gen Forms

We added the ability to specify a Custom Disclaimer for Facebook users who will be filling in Lead Generation forms. You also have an option to add the Consent checkbox and make it required or optional.



AUDIENCE - Excluding Audiences at the Campaign Level

Now you can exclude Custom Audiences at the campaign level. You might want to exclude a list of competitors, clients or partners. All audiences added to the Exclude section will be excluded from every experiment under this campaign.

Please, note that you can also add or remove Excluded audiences for “Launched” campaigns.


AUDIENCE - Direct Integrations of Website Visit Audiences from Facebook/LinkedIn

We significantly improved usability for connecting “Website Visit” audiences tracked on Facebook and Linkedin. Simply click on the corresponding “Website Audience” button in the audience selection tool and choose one of the “Website Visit” audiences from the dropdown. Please, note that Metadata will sync the size of the audience every day so that it is convenient for you to know when the size is large enough to run a campaign.


AUDIENCE - Generate ABM Lists From any Type of Audience

Now every audience will be accompanied by a “Generated ABM” list that contains all unique companies of the audiences. You can download it to see a list of companies included in that Audience. You can find it in the “ABM List” section in the Library.

AGENCIES - Allow Users Access To Several Accounts

This feature will benefit Agencies who manage several Metadata instances for various clients. Now they can use one login and then switch between Metadata instances for their clients by simply selecting them in the dropdown list.


EXPERIMENTS - Updated Length and Structure of Auto-Generated Experiment Name

We made significant improvements to the auto-generated name for campaign experiments. We doubled the maximum length, which allows flexible naming conventions for Ads, Offers, and Audiences. We also added unique identifies at the end of each experiment that will ensure that each experiment has a unique name, which is critical in the case of extensive multivariate testing with hundreds of active experiments.


LEADS - Added Linkedin URL Field

We added the “Linkedin URL” field to the Converted Leads table and the Marketing Automation mapping. Metadata will enrich your leads with a Linkedin URL and send it to your marketing automation tool. Roughly 90% of all your leads will have Linkedin URL supplemented.

You can also enable the “Linkedin URL” field in your Linkedin LeadGen form and collect this info from the source.



REPORTS - Performance by Experiments with Score

Now you can easily view your best-performing Experiments in the Perfomance Reports section and the 5 top on the dashboard. We introduced a Performance Score that reflects the lowest CPL and highest density of Leads for lead generation campaigns and lowest CPC and the highest density of clicks for brand awareness campaigns. Moving forward, we will keep enhancing the performance score by taking into account more variables and KPIs.


CREATIVE - Preview in Library and Report

We improved the usability of the Creatives Library and Report tables by adding the Creative Preview popup. You can click on the creative to see the full-size image/video file, download or archive/unarchive.


50+ Enhancements and Fixes

  • Ability to map Custom UTMs when integrating with Marketing Automation tool

  • Improved performance of Leads and Experiment tables with a large amount of data

  • Added Export for all reports

  • Allow selecting all rows across all pages

  • Multiselect dropdown for Campaign type filter

  • Added fields limit counter

  • Improved Audiences Criteria Preview

  • Show Account Profile in the Leads Table

  • Normalized Enrichment Data for States and Countries

  • Export Account Reports

  • Archive Items in all tables